Ballast & Cargo Valve Remote Control Systems

Pneumatic Valve Remote Control Systems

Pneumatic Valve Remote Control Systems

Proval pneumatic VRC systems are used in marine to control ballast, cargo or fuel oil automation systems.


Superiorities of PROVAL pneumatic valve remote control systems, 


• Environment friendly solution especially in submerged systems. In comparison with conventional hydaulic systems. there is no oil pressure in pneumatic systems to cause external leakage to ballast tanks.

• System runs on volumetric control principle and generates 100% reliable valve position signals

• There is no power outside the control box and is safe for explosive areas

• Can be operarted with basic mimic diagrams or touch pad screens or PC based systems

• Lower risc caused in pipelines in comparison with hydraulic systems (100 bar) due to lower supply pressure (6 bar)

• There is no pressure in supply pipe lines while the system is off

• There is no need for additional power packs etc. System just requires 6 bar air supply and 24VDC power supply

• It requires lower space in comparison with hydraulic systems.

• Approved for marine use by all major classification societies

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