Pneumatic Actuators

A215 Series Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuators

PA045 – PA400
Working Temperature,
ST -20 ºC ~ +80 ºC
LT  -40 ºC ~ +80 ºC
HT -20 ºC ~ +150 ºC
Torque Range,
Double Acting 20 - 9767 Nm
Spring Return 11 - 4199 Nm


A215 Series Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuators

Proval A215 Series innovative, compact design pneumatic rack and pinion rotary actuators including all critical components are manufactured in-house using dedicated state-of-the-art CNC machines following ISO quality assurance standards.


Proval pneumatic actuators that can be set either to fail-open or fail-close, comes in 12 different sizes in both double and single acting types.This Series of actuators having torque figures in ranges 20 to 9767 Nm are well suited to operate on part-turn valves such as plug ,ball and butterfly valves

• Compact design
• Available in 12 different sizes
• Spring return or double acting versions
• High and Low temperature executions
• Common end caps on SR and DA
• Namur accessory mounting configuration
• Bi-directional stroke adjustment bolts
• Operating media - clean,dry air or non-corrosive gases
• Modular preloaded spring cartridges
• Durable, trouble free operation
Namur or panel type solenoid valves, limit switch boxes, namur type block & bleed valves, speed regulator valves, filter regulators, emergency release lever manual gearboxes


Technicial Specifications


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