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Our ethical principles are our core values ​​that form and reflect the corporate culture. It intends to protect our employees and to guide them as a part of our company.

It is the responsibility of our employees to ensure compliance with ethical principles. In this context, it is intended to disseminate our ethical values ​​to be the culture of all our employees and to raise awareness.

Our Code of Conduct:

  • Compliance with legal regulations and obligations in all countries where we conduct our business,
  • Compliance with service standards within the framework of professional business approach,
  • Conducting business with accountability and honesty,
  • Commitment to the company culture and mission,
  • Establishing positive and constructive human relationships and individual behaviors in accordance with the rules of kindness and respect,
  • Compliance with business and general social mores,
  • Avoiding abuse of duties and authorities for personal benefit,
  • Avoiding the use of company assets for non-company purposes,
  • Avoiding activities that may give rise to conflict of interest,
  • Protection of all confidential and sensitive customer or financial data of the company,
  • Compliance with fair competition conditions,
  • Avoiding all kinds of political activities on behalf of the individual or the company


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