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We adopt a working model that makes a difference in order to adapt to global change and transformation and intends to give our customers a unique experience with a focus on quality. On the basis of this, we set value on people oriented approach and believe that all our employees are the source of this success.

Our Human Resources Policies and Practices:

  • The basis of our Human Resources Policy consists of principles and approaches that place emphasis on differences and may not compromise with human rights like ethnicity, language, religion, age, marital status, political opinion, gender discrimination and disability.
  • The rights of our employees and occupational health and safety are our priorities.
  • We attach importance to recruit people who are experts in their business, open to continuous improvement, result-oriented and value to quality.
  • We implement effective human resources policies to increase employee satisfaction, motivation and loyalty to the organization.
  • We support all kinds of professional training and continuous development of our employees and implement the plans that will enable this.
  • We use transparent and measurable performance management system to reward and promote success.
  • We provide our employees with equal opportunity on every platform of the business environment.
  • We ensure the work life balance for all employees of our company.


Candidates are requested to post their detailed CV to for vacancies.


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