Pneumatic Actuator Accessories

A250 Limit Switch Boxes

VDI/VDE 3845 Direct on Actuators
Switch Type,
Mechanical / Proximity
Position Indication,
3D Continuous Position Indicator


A250 Limit Switch Boxes

PROVAL A250 Series limit switch boxes are used on rotary valve actuators to generate open/close signal and monitor the valve position.
• 3D continuous visual position indicator
• Easily adjustable spring forced CAM system
• Standard IP67 enclosure
• 2 pcs Open/Close mechanical or proximity switches
• Easily adjustable brackets and suitable for all NAMUR VDI/VDE interface actuators
• Terminal strip with 8 points angled to allow for easy wiring and direct connection of solenoid  valve inside the switch box.


Technicial Specifications

VDI/VDE 3845 Direct on Actuators
Assembly Bracket
MB1 (80x30 H:20) / MB2 (80x30, 130x30 H:20-30) / MB3 (80x30, 130x30 H:40-50)
Switch Type
2 Pc Mechanical Micro / V3 or Proximity (2-3 Wire V3 Type)
Terminal Wiring
8 Strip Terminal Wiring (Including Solenoid Valve Wiring)
Position Indictor
3D Open/Close (Standard), 3D L / T (3 Way Valves)
Conduit Entry
1 Pc PG13,5 Cable Gland + 1 Pc PG13,5 Blind Plug (Optional 2nd Cable Gland)
Working Temperature
-20° ~ +80°C
Body Material
Powder Epoxy Coated Aluminum Die Casting (Optional PFA Coating)
Ingress Protection
Sealing Materials


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