Butterfly Valves

V101-SC Series Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves

DN50 - DN600
Working Temperature,
-20 ºC ~ +100 ºC (Depending on Seat)
Woking Pressure,
Max 8 bar


V101-SC Series Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves

Proval V101-SC series inflatable seated actuated butterfly valves that are highly resistant to mechanical wear are available in wafer and lug styles with seat in EPDM, Silicone, NBR or highly abrasion resistant White SBR to suit individual applications. Owing to their reduced coefficient of friction, the inflatable seated valves are capable of guaranteeing an extended life cycle and bubble tight shut-off in the most sever applications even under high operational frequencies, thus ideally suited for handling highly abrasive powders, granular materials and fluids containing solid particles.  They are superior to the conventional types of butterfly valves that are prone to fail rapidly especially when used in mining applications and applications involving pneumatic conveying of powder materials.
The outside diameter of the disc that the V101-SC series valves feature is smaller compared to the standard versions thus the disc makes casual contact with the seat during valve opening and closing. When the valve disc reaches the fully closed position, the seat expands against it using pneumatic pressure, providing a tight seal. On valve opening the compressed air acting on the back of the seat is exhausted and the seat shrinks back allowing for the frictionless rotation of the disc.Discs with tungsten carbide coating for extremely abrasive media handling and discs with mirror polished surface finishing for food applications are possible upon request.

Technicial Specifications


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