Butterfly Valves

V108 Wafer Type PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves

DN40 - DN600
Working Temperatue,
-30 ºC ~ +200 ºC
Working Pressure,
DN40-DN150, Max 16 bar
DN200-DN600, Max 10 bar


V108 Wafer Type PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves

Proval V108 Series split body, PTFE lined butterfly valves, owing to their superior design being suitable for use in industrial process lines,allow manual and automated control of highly corrossive aqueous and gaseous chemicals.
*Available in sizes from DN50 to DN600 and offered in both wafer and lug style, two piece body configurations to facilitate site replacement and maintenance.
*Features dynamically - loaded belleville spring and V-ring stem seal technologies to provide enhanced protection in handling wide variety of corrosive and toxic chemicals.
*Provides bi-directional tight shut-off at full rated pressure.
*Min PTFE Lining thickness of 3mm. to prevent exposure of any parts of the disc or the stem to the line media.
Application Areas:

Technicial Specifications


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