Ball Valves

V205-V Series V-Ball Wafer Ball Valves

Size Range,
DN15 – DN150
Working Pressure,
Working Temp. (Pressure Dependent),
R-PTFE -60 ºC ~ +230 ºC
G-PTFE -60 ºC ~ +260 ºC
PEEK     -40 ºC ~ +280 ºC
S-PTFE  -60 ºC ~ +230 ºC



V205-V Series V-Ball Wafer Ball Valves

V205-V Series ball valves with V-slot ball with 30 ° or 60 ° options are an ideal proportional flow control valves with 50% stainless steel reinforced PTFE seats and pneumatic or electric actuator control.


The V205-V series ball valves with anti-static structures are ATEX approved and are suitable for use in hazardous and explosive environments. The compact design valve body with quarter turn control actuators provide reliable and cost -effective proportional control of liquids and gases.

Technicial Specifications


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