Ball Valves

V210 Series V Type Segmented Ball Valves

Size Range,
DN25 - DN500
Working Temperature,
-40ºC ~ +200ºC (Optional +350ºC)
Working Pressure,
PN 16/25/40 bar


V210 Series V Type Segmented Ball Valves

PROVAL  Ball Sector (Segment) valves are specially designed for control applications of various medium like liquids, Washerps and steam. 
V210  Series valves are used for sticky and crystallizing mediums, because of cleaning function of metal seat for both control and on/off applications where standard PTFE seated valves does not last for long. If the medium Seatins solid particles, the geometry of metal seat and segment will warranty better function than standard valves. 
Metal Seated valves meet the leakage performance of  ANSI FCI 70-2 Class IV while PTFE seated vales provide zero leakage,tight shut-off to Class VI.
The wafer pattern segment valves are  reduced bore type manufactured in stainless steel throughout with a hard chromed ball sector and Steelite or PTFE seat. The V-port gives an excellent control characteristic which is intermediate between linear and equal percentage.


Technicial Specifications


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