Electric Actuators

A110 Series Multi-Turn Electric Actuators

Power Supply,
220/380/440V AC
Torque Range,
100 - 900 Nm
Running Speed,
18 - 144 rpm


A110 Series Multi-Turn Electric Actuators

A110 Series electric actuators are multi-turn type, used for on/off or proportional control in butterfly, ball etc. quarter turn valves through a bevel gearbox or gate, globe, knife-gate etc. linear valves directly.


A110 Series multi-turn actuator range, 


• Standard Series (Basic - BO) On / Off Control

• Integrated Series (Integrated - MO / MM) On / Off or Proportional Control

• Intelligent Series (Intelligent - IO / IM) On / Off or Proportional Control


Integrated and intelligent series are providing a great convenience to users in commissioning and start-up with their digital local control units and remote control devices developed for advanced industrial applications.


Technicial Specifications


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