Pneumatic Actuator Accessories

A240X-BIA Solenoid Valves, Ex ia IIB T6 Ga

Function (Convertible),
3/2 (Single Acting) or 5/2 (Double Acting)
Working Pressure,
4-8 bar
Atex Certification,
Ex ia IIB T6 Ga


A240X-BIA Solenoid Valves, Ex ia IIB T6 Ga

A240X-BIA  type 3/2 way and 5/2 way solenoid valves with namur interface configuration are interchangeable for use on either double and single acting pneumatic actuators in potentionally expolosive environments. The intrinsically safe solenoid valves are to be wired individually through to an approved safety barrier installed in a safe zone.

Technicial Specifications


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