Knife Gate Valves

V305 Series Slurry Knife Gate Valves

Size Range,
DN50 - DN1200
Working Temperature,
-30 ºC ~ +200 ºC  (Based on Seat Material)
Working Pressure,
10 ~ 4 bar (Based on Size)


V305 Series Slurry Knife Gate Valves

V305 series slurry knife gate valves are designed specifically for heavy duty conditions in the mining industry.  2 steel ring reinforced elastomer ring insulates the inner part of the valve from the fluid, this provides bidirectional sealing for particle-containing fluid transfer and prevents the abrasion. The knife comes out of the elastomer ring in the full open position of the valve and prevents the contact with the fluid. The fluid can be drained from the discharge line which is located under the valve against the possibility of the fluid moving behind the elastomer rings and solidification during opening-closing  or the surface can be washed or cleaned with pressurized air. V305 series valves can be operated with pneumatic , electric or hydraulic actuator or gearbox.
• Mining Plants    
• Power Plant
• Paper Pulp Plants
• Metallurgy and Casting Industries
• Chemistry Industry


Technicial Specifications


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